Skincare that Delivers

Currently, the only effective way to make skin look fuller and younger is with painful injections with dermal fillers or laser treatments, but the side effects and possible risks are enough to deter a lot of people from ever going that way! Plus it requires procedures that have to be done at the doctor’s office. So we set out to bring you a single dermatologist-approved at-home system that can be as an effective as an injection without any of the pain, risk or side effects: say hi to Droplette!

We tested Droplette with some of the actives that we’re most excited about:


(1)  Vitamin C & Arbutin

Vitamin C is a known active to brighten the skin – but the biggest challenge is keeping it stable long enough once you open a formulation and expose it to air. With Droplette, we can package vitamin C formulations into closed cartridges that have minimal change of degrading before you actually use them. We’ve also been playing with arbutin, a lesser known but powerful active that can really help with scarring and pigmentation. We paired them together and used the formula for a week on a volunteer with severe cystic acne that caused scarring. We pointed out one of the most prominent spot reductions under a melanin filter but if you look closely you’ll see at least 10 more!

2)  Alpha-hydroxy Acids (glycolic, salicylic, lactic)

 These acids are commonly used as exfoliants but can also be irritating to the skin at high concentrations. When dissolved into a primarily water-based formula, Droplette delivers both the glycolic acid as well as providing added hydration which is soothing and gentle to the skin. We tested a glycolic acid formulation on a volunteer with stubborn acne that was unresponsive to the OTC products available out there. We saw these results after a single treatment 24 hours later:


(3)  Collagen

As we age, the skin naturally loses its collagen (amongst other proteins and molecules which give it structural stability: stay tuned for more on that), which causes wrinkles. However, collagen is a large molecule that can’t actually get into your skin using creams or lotions. We took collagen and dissolved into a simple water-based formula. A single Droplette treatment (0.5 mL of solution delivered over 30 seconds) instantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles across multiple subjects:


Coming soon:

Hyaluronic Acid! We’re formulating HA into cartridges that give you all the benefits of the injection and more without the needles, the side effects, or the cost. Stay tuned!  

Droplette Team