Droplette in Action

We invented Droplette to solve the oldest problem in skincare: effective and painless delivery. Most of the lotions and creams that we spend hundreds of dollars on stand no chance of working: either because the actives in them are too big to naturally diffuse across the skin or because even if they could get in, you lose more than 90% of what you put on before it can ever do anything.

There is another way to make skin look fuller and younger: painful injections with dermal fillers or laser treatments, but the side effects and possible risks are enough to deter a lot of people from ever going that way! Plus it requires procedures that have to be done at the doctor’s office. So we set out to bring you a single dermatologist-approved at-home system that can be as an effective as an injection without any of the pain, risk or side effects: say hi to Droplette!

Droplette is the first consumer device that brings together cutting-edge technology based on fluid physics with tried and true skincare actives. How does it work? We make liquids become an enhanced mist with droplets that are 100 times smaller than the width of a single hair. Although the droplets are pressurized and moving fast, the mist feels gentle and cooling when it hits skin and the actives actually get through the skin where they work.

Droplette can get skincare actives deep into skin compared to topical creams and serums

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Droplette Team